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BUMO- ATFS BUild MOnitoring Tool


BUMO is short name of Build Monitoring tool for TFS. BUMO provides a platform to Monitor TFS builds, Get the Statistics of Builds, View Build History, Clone Build across Team Project and many more other features. BUMO is a windows application written in C#.Net. The API exposed by TFS is building block of BUMO.

The salient features of BUMO are:

  1. View History of Build Jobs.
  2. Current Status of builds.
  3. Statistics of builds by   3.1   Build Jobs   3.2   Controller    3.3   Build Agent
  4. View Today’s Ran/Running Build History.
  5. View Over All Builds Statistics.
  6. Get Build History Ran for more than provided time.
  7. Auto Update of Build Statistics/History Grid view.
  8. Know Status of Controllers and Agents.
  9. It can be used for BIG monitor for display purpose.
  10. Configure BUMO Tool through XML file.
  11. Clone Build across Team Project.


BUMO: Architecture of Build Monitoring Tool

BUMO Architec

                           Figure 1 BUMO Architect


for the installation click here  installation

BUMO: A TFS Build Monitoring Tool Overview

The following snapshots show BUMO in action.

  Current Build Status


Figure 2 Current Build Notification

Build Statistics Section Screen Shot

: Build Statistics Window Panel

                              Figure 3 BUMO Statistics of Builds

  Build History Section Screen shot

Figure 4 BUMO: Build History Window Panel

Graphical Presentation of Features provided by BUMO

Figure 5 BUMO Features

After Installation the BUMO Tool would appear at your desktop as shortcut. as shown below..

Figure 6 BUMO Shotcut at Desk top



for the installation click here  installation


Click here for Documenation of BUMO Tool


Disclaimer: The BUMO Tool is still in beta version and you may experience some uneven behavior. In case, you find any bug or error, you can help us by informing us through ISSUE TRAKER. This will help us in improving the tool for you.

For any help and Support you can email us at

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