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       1.       Download the MSI setup file to your local hard drive.

2.       Double Click on the BUMOSETUP.msi ,a window would open as shown below



Figure 1.  BUMOSetUP: Initial Window

3.       Click on Installed button to continue installation of BUMO.




Figure 2. BUMOSetUP: In Progress window

4.       When installation is completed, you will see below window




Figure 3. BUMOSetUP: Installation Done

5.       Click on Finish button to close the setup window.

6.       BY default BUMO will get installed at this location

For 64 bits windows OS

C:\Program Files (x86)\Hakimi\BUMO\

For 32 bits windows OS

C:\Program Files\Hakimi\BUMO\


 7.   Aftre the instllation a Shorcut of BUMO Tool would apper at desktop for the user



 8.       Under the Control Panel it would appear as below


Figure 5.  BUMO in Control Panel



Figure 4  BUMO ShortCut at desktop

Installation of BUMO

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